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Online Exhibition Catalogues

Enki Bilal exhibition

Since opening in 2005, CHANEL NEXUS HALL has hosted various art exhibitions. A catalogue (not for sale) was produced for each event, these being available for perusal at the hall, but now it has been decided to present digital versions of six past catalogues that can be viewed for a limited period on our website.

The fourth catalogue we present is “INBOX HYBRIDIZATION (IN LOVE)”, Enki Bilal exhibition held in 2016. Enki Bilal is a leading visual creator in the world of Franco-Belgian comics known as bande dessinee. From the middle of the 1970s he started publishing SF stories coupled with intense visual images that were to have a powerful impact and effect, not only on cartoonists throughout the world, but also in the film world. This exhibition was his first to be held in Japan and presented his “INBOX” installation, which was first shown at the 2015 Venice Biennale, as well as a number of pictures drawn especially for the occasion by Bilal. In the catalogue, you can also enjoy the interview with Enki Bilal.

【Available for View: Feb. 5 (Fri) 2021– Mar. 4 (Thu) 2021
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Next catalogue we present will be “Retrace our Steps” Carlos Ayesta + Guillaume Bression Exhibition which was also held in 2016, available from Friday, Mar 5th, 2021.Please click here to check the schedule for online presentation of 6 catalogues.


This contents is the digital version of the exhibition catalogue by CHANEL NEXUS HALL. Unauthorized reproduction of all or any part of the contents is strictly prohibited.