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Online Exhibition Catalogues
Vol.3: DEPARDON / TOKYO 1964-2016

Raymond Depardon exhibition

Since opening in 2005, CHANEL NEXUS HALL has hosted various art exhibitions. A catalogue (not for sale) was produced for each event, these being available for perusal at the hall, but now it has been decided to present digital versions of six past catalogues that can be viewed for a limited period on our website.

The third catalogue we present is “DEPARDON/TOKYO 1964-2016”, the exhibition of the famous French photographer, Raymond Depardon. In this exhibition we presented photographs he took at the beginning of his career in 1964 when he made his first trip to Japan in order to photograph the Tokyo Olympic Games. In addition, we also showed photographs that he took in 2016, showing today’s Tokyo in color. This catalogue will allow you to enjoy these moments in time, both past and present, that have been captured through the eye of this outstanding reportage photographer.

【Available for View: Jan. 8 (Fri) 2021– Feb. 4 (Thu) 2021
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Next catalogue we present will be “INBOX HYBRIDIZATION (IN LOVE), Enki Bilal Exhibition” which was held in 2016, available from Friday, Feb 5th, 2021. Please click here to check the schedule for online presentation of 6 catalogues.


This contents is the digital version of the exhibition catalogue by CHANEL NEXUS HALL. Unauthorized reproduction of all or any part of the contents is strictly prohibited.