Yuki Yoshimi


Yuki Yoshimi
Born in 2000, Yuki Yoshimi began playing piano at the age of five. In 2014, he won 1st prize in the junior high school Tokyo division of the 68th Student Music Concours of Japan, 2nd prize at the Arion Toho Awards in 2015, and 2nd prize at the 8th Kazuko Yasukawa Memorial Competition. In 2017, he won 1st prize at the 8th Toho Piano Competition. He also won 1st prize at the 86th Music Competition of Japan as well as the Nomura Prize, Iguchi Prize, Kawai Prize and Algerich Arts Foundation Prize.
He has performed with various orchestras including the Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra, Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, and Central Aichi Symphony Orchestra as well as on radio in programs such as NHK-FM’s "Recital NOVA". He is currently a 3rd-year student of the Toho Gakuen Music High School and is studying under Hisako Ueno.

(As of September, 2018)