D’un jour à l’autre Sarah Moon Photo Exhibition

La main gelée, 2000 © Sarah Moon

La main gelée, 2000
© Sarah Moon

Anonyme © Sarah Moon

© Sarah Moon

Femme voilée © Sarah Moon

Femme voilée
© Sarah Moon

Adrienne sous la neige © Sarah Moon

Adrienne sous la neige
© Sarah Moon

Baigneuse II © Sarah Moon

Baigneuse II
© Sarah Moon

Dunkerque I © Sarah Moon

Dunkerque I
© Sarah Moon

2018.4.4 WED - 5.4 FRI

12:00 - 19:30 Open daily / Free admission


For its second exhibition in 2018, the CHANEL NEXUS HALL is delighted to present “D’un jour à l’autre”, a solo exhibition by France’s leading woman photographer, Sarah Moon.

Recognized as one of today’s outstanding photographers and also highly respected for her work as a video artist, Sarah Moon has stood at the forefront of her field for over thirty years, creating profound, fantastical images to make a vision of her own.

This exhibition, which has been organized by Sarah Moon herself, plans to present approximately 100 photographs, centered around her latest works and those that will be shown in Japan for the first time. As the title suggests, the ‘passage of time’ is one of the main themes of the exhibition and is a subject that Sarah Moon has pursued throughout her career.
Through her images of the glamorous atmosphere of fashion and models, animals such as birds or elephants and views of nature, she hints at the transience of time. The unique world she creates through her work arouses reminiscences and nostalgia in the hearts of the viewers in a way that only Sarah Moon is capable of.

Sarah Moon has the following to say regarding the narrative she presents through her work:
‘In my photographs I can only express the echo that I experience from looking at whatever I see. That is why they differ from actual reality. The minute you tell about your own life, you make it into a different story, into a fiction. The same is true of photography.’


Sarah Moon

Photographer and video artist

Sarah Moon started off as a model in the 1960s before launching her career in fashion and advertising photography in 1970, working with major haute couture houses including CHANEL. In addition to fashion photography, she began working on personal projects and films in 1985. Ten years later, she was awarded the Grand Prix National de la Photographie (1995). Her photographs have been widely published—in several books, including Coïncidences (Delpire: 2001), Circuss (Kahitsukan: 2003), and (Delpire: 2008, winner of the prestigious Prix Nadar)—and exhibited internationally in Paris, London, New York, Stockholm, Moscow, and Shanghai. Sarah Moon has directed several films, comprising the feature film Mississippi One (1991); documentaries on eminent photographers and on photography such as Henri Cartier-Bresson (Henri Cartier-Bresson, point d’interrogation, 1995), Robert Delpire (Le montreur d’images, 2009), and Lilian Bassman (There is something about Lilian, 2002), among others; and five short films inspired by the tales of Hans Christian Andersen and Charles Perrault. She wrote and directed her last film to date, 5h-5.



During this exhibition, some of Sarah Moon’s works collaborated with CHANEL Fine Jewelry, will also be shown at CHANEL Ginza Boutique (until April 16) and at BEIGE Alain Ducasse Tokyo (until May 4).